Featured WeddingREBECCA AND ADAMLincoln, UK

Hot off the presses, I’d excited to share with you some images from Rebecca and Adam’s european wedding reception that I was fortunate enough to be a part of.  Rebecca and Adam, along with their families, were the most gracious of hosts as they invited myself and Carey Nash, along with our wives, to be a part of their English wedding festivities.  This was a very special event as Rebecca’s family is from the area of Lincoln, England,and so many
of the places we visited while there had a great deal of significance to her and her parents.  The town itself could not have been more picturesque and provided a wonderful backdrop for the reception – and the event took place in a hotel called The Old Palace, and was a beautiful venue both for the reception as well as for the guests who stayed there. We will have so many more images from this recent trip and their local
 Edmonton Wedding  later this summer.  Until then we couldn’t wait to share a few teasers from last week.  Thanks so very much again to Rebecca and Adam and of course their families who could not have been better hosts and made us, and our wives, feel like we were part of the family.  It was a pleasure to spend time with all of you.

The last two images are especially sentimental:  Rebecca’s family actually managed this pub for many years in the heart of the old town and made for a great stop on our photo tour.  The last picture shows the exact place where her parents got engaged, right in front of the Lord Tennyson statue.

Kelly-Redinger-Carey-Nash-European-Wedding-Luxury-Wedding-Destination-Wedding-007 Kelly-Redinger-Carey-Nash-European-Wedding-Luxury-Wedding-Destination-Wedding-001 Kelly-Redinger-Carey-Nash-European-Wedding-Luxury-Wedding-Destination-Wedding-003 Carey Nash - Kelly Redingger- European Wedding - Luxury Wedding - Destination Wedding-8 Kelly-Redinger-Carey-Nash-European-Wedding-Luxury-Wedding-Destination-Wedding-010Kelly Redinger European Wedding  Kelly-Redinger-Carey-Nash-European-Wedding-Luxury-Wedding-Destination-Wedding-004 Carey Nash - Kelly Redingger- European Wedding - Luxury Wedding - Destination Wedding-7 Kelly-Redinger-Carey-Nash-European-Wedding-Luxury-Wedding-Destination-Wedding-008Carey Nash - Kelly Redingger- European Wedding - Luxury Wedding - Destination Wedding  Kelly-Redinger-Carey-Nash-European-Wedding-Luxury-Wedding-Destination-Wedding-006 Kelly-Redinger-Carey-Nash-European-Wedding-Luxury-Wedding-Destination-Wedding-002

  • Janna said:

    amazing photos! her veil and dress are perfection!!

  • chocha Betty Lou said:

    How beautiful! You are so fortunate to have experienced such a wonderful wedding!